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More memories of Putney, Vermont, featuring Tania Emma, Sarah Johnson, Joan Shore, and Kathleen Kennedy!

One Response to “Video Series Part 7 – More Memories of Putney, Vermont”

  1. Pete Laberge says:

    Nice Frame Intro.
    “Finally, Somebody Framed Anne!” HA HA HA!
    Good hairdoo.
    Great intro smile!
    Kids still collect, very few of them, and well, people are not as generous as before. Sad.
    Geeze! She forgives Sarah! WOW! You have a good heart, Anne…. But I sometimes wonder about your head! (Tease!!!)
    Pots hanging behind your head look like an alien spaceship!
    Oooohhh! All the crush info coming out!
    Cat Cameo! or Photobomb?
    “Better you than me!!!” I’m sorry, I laughed! But that is your indefatigable personality!
    “Oh, Little Run Run Run Run-away!” (An old old song, Anne.)
    Pete Laberge

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