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Well, we’re still in Putney, Vermont folks. We will really get to how I started fending for myself at age 11 soon, I promise. But first, a few memories about mean kids, nice kids, sugar on snow, horseback riding at Debonair stables and oh yes, Playboy!

3 Responses to “The Video Series – Part 8: Mean People, Nice People, Sugaring, Horseback Riding, and Playboy!”

  1. Pete Laberge says:

    You are tweeting these, also, right? Wish I could find the first one, perhaps my followers might be interested. If you do not mind.
    I can only see part 4 and onwards.

    Poor Anne. Well you made a good recovery!

    Take care. PML

  2. Anne says:

    Hey Pete! Thank you for mentioning this – here is the link, and it is now right below each video. :-)


  3. Pete Laberge says:

    No extra charge, Anne!
    A story is not complete without an introduction.
    Thanks a lot.
    Take care.

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