In the past several years, I have dealt with the deaths of far too many beloved pets. It always hurts – hurts like hell – to say “goodbye” to a loved one. But I have learned, the hard way, that sometimes the pain is balanced by the incredible intimacy of being allowed the privilege of being with your pet at the very end. Of having every last second with them, and of witnessing their exit from this world. Of being the one to be with them at that moment.

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Anne on July 14th, 2010

Recently someone asked me why I wasn’t angry, or bitter, about some of my experiences. Why I’m not generally an angry or bitter person. It was an interesting question – tantamount to “why are you the way you are?” Here are my thoughts on the subject.

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In the Beginning - 105,956 views

Anne on July 7th, 2010

As I mention in the page About the Story of Anne’s Life, I’m writing the story of my life here because I have been asked by many people to write the story of my life, and encouraged by many more others. Of course, having family and friends has been the most compelling reason.

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