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Before we get to how I struck out on my own at the age of 11, I wanted to share a few memories of Putney, including pink water, Sarah Doyle, my first job, and other random yet connected items.

7 Responses to “Video Series Part 6 – Memories of Putney, Vermont”

  1. "gunner" says:

    thank you for the credit anne, and yes, sarah was a cranky old bat, my wife wondered where she parked the broom she flew in on. when you and bill lived in that apartment we had the ground floor apartment, a converted store front on the corner directly across from the paper mill. the putney general store was owned by a man named “al”, (i don’t remember his last name) he used to let local folks run a bill when they came short before payday. he’s long gone now. sadly the store burned to the ground a year or two back, the village is trying to rebuild it, though i haven’t heard anything recently. you mentioned a restaurant,would that be the one in the parking lot behind the town hall? my wife worked there for a while when she was pregnant with our first child.

  2. Pete Laberge says:

    Lighting is very much improved!
    No big change in focus or clarity, only small improvements. (Which is good.)
    Sound is equally good as before.
    Your face seems to move around a little more, perhaps a webcam has a bigger field of view. Or maybe it is you. Or something.
    CHARLIE looks wonderful! (A guest star is a good thing!)
    The convenience aspect is a good thing, so use what works best for you.
    Red sweater adds good contrast.
    I think you need some fridge magnets!
    (I’d show you mine, but it’s been condemned! Too many magnets! I inherited a magnet collection, and well, the dammed things breed, at night, when I am not chaperoning…)
    I missed out on the pink water. And watched twice. But my internet is breaking up something horrid today.
    Take Care.

  3. "gunner" says:

    i agree with pete’s comments on the lighting and general clarity of the clip, much better.

  4. "gunner" says:

    there was/is a brook running through the middle of the village, behind where the general store was passing under route 5 and downhill behind the paper mill, it was frequently discoloured by runoff from the mill, hence the pink water, and other colours.

  5. Tania Webb says:

    I loved seeing this. The sound and lighting is good, and I was so pleased to see and hear you again.

    Flora Hendricks was the wife of Walter Hendricks who founded Windham College and I remember her being very sweet and giving me candy too.

  6. Anne says:

    Tania! Wow, thank you for filling in that bit! I hadn’t realized that’s who Mrs. Hendricks was – that explains the lovely house!

  7. Pete Laberge says:

    Thanks Gunner! Like I said, I have been having troubles lately. Apparently there is a short or something in the wires between my house and my ISP. And when it get wet, the speed drops down to dial up speed. And we had freezing rain the other day. They are working on it.

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