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Including Hartley House, PS 69, and goats!

One Response to “Video Series Part 3 – 45th Street Memories”

  1. Pete Laberge says:

    Geez! Running around in NY City by yourself, under 8 yrs old! Weren’t we all So innocent, back then? Today? No way!

    And this now explains why you are a goat freak today. Interesting Karma, eh? well, goats are useful. As you know.

    So what about the crayon eating boy? Did he have a favourite color or flavour?

    Ya look good in the glasses! Bi-focals, anyone?

    “I don’t sew often. But when I do, I can thread a needle.” — The Semi most-interesting Wo-man in the world!

    I’m sorry, I could not resist that tease. It must be the old goat in me!

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