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Having an alcoholic as a father, being left alone, horseback riding, ice skating, and ballet! Also Anthony the Crayon Eating Boy, and Roger Javor.

This is Part 4 in the video series of the story of my life.

3 Responses to “Video Series Part 4 – Memories of My New York Childhood”

  1. Pete Laberge says:

    Poor Anne!

    A very well educated, very smart man, thrown into an almost impossible situation…. He was unhappy with his situation, too… And he coped with it. Sadly, he used the booze to do so. Today he would be a net addict, or a porn addict, or a weed smoker. This was his escape. You sorta have to feel sorry for him, how it was for him….

    I have a sort of respect for the man. Not because of stuff in my family. But I worked in my brother’s business, for 3-4 years, you recall…. (Almost for free, but the pay was not money, long story… But I think I came out ahead, sometimes, compared to what mere money would have gotten me…) So I got to see a lot of this from some of the customers.

    Still, he did do the best for you that he could. Or at least the best that he knew how, or that his daemons allowed him to.

    Hang in there, Anne. This “story telling thing”, you are good at! And it is good for you – cathartic. And good for us, too.

    So, who plays Anne in the movie version? I’m serious. Oh, a few things would have to be maybe edited, but, I can see this as an interesting story….

  2. "gunner" says:

    hello anne,
    it’s me again, i remember bill as a good friend, always willing to help his friends. if i haven’t said it before, i think he’d be very proud of the person you’ve turned out to be.

  3. Anne says:

    Gunner, thank you so much for dropping in. It’s especially meaningful to have someone who knew us – and especially who knew my dad – way back then!

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