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This is part 2 of the video series. Still rough, but hopefully bearable. My father’s name, by the way, was William F. Mitchell (William Francis Mitchell), and my mother’s was Joan Barbara Zeltzer, although for most of my adult life she was known as Barbara Mohler.

One Response to “Video Series Part 2 – I Go to Live with My Father”

  1. Pete Laberge says:

    Well, you know, they say that TIME spent with kids is worth more than MONEY. Memories are worth more than fancy toys. So, your dad actually, did the right thing, I think. No, he was not perfect. Even Anne is not a perfect parent. (Just a rumor, no proof!)

    My dad worked out of town a lot (no choice) but when he came home, weekends were family time. (Except for the time that my parents forgot me at AJ Bayless Grocery Store for 3 hours! I was ok, they had a book department… I was reading!)

    When my nephew was young, my brother and his wife had an ACRIMONIOUS and expensive split-up and divorce. Long story, will not bore you. She got the kids, and was not into sharing. But you already KNOW about that, eh?

    But my brother had a small business. A hotel/motel & restaurant/bar & catering company combo. It took lots of time and work. He tried to do his best for his son. But often he could not. Too may times, he gave the kid a bag of quarters, and sent him of to play video games. On the bright side, I often spent time with Lou. So I benefited from the quarters. (I am almost ashamed to say this.) But, the kid turned out OK. Today he runs that hotel… Sometimes he and his dad get along. My brother IS hard to get along with! Well, my nephew is no saint either…

    And me? I should talk. My list of faults, errors, problems, screw-ups, issues, would fill a Wiki! But let the first faultless person throw rocks in glass houses….

    As for losing your cello. That is too bad. But maybe you picked up another instrument later on? Maybe this is why you sing now. The musical aptitude and talent found another (Better?) outlet. Playing the cello is not that easy. Or popular in some places…

    One good thing: As a kid, you got used to your circumstances, and even enjoyed them a bit…. Kids can do that. They are very resilient. Today you look back in horror, sometimes….

    But all that DID make the Anne we have today. And being greedy, self interested, and fearful of change, we will take and accept that Anne. Why? Perhaps we are worried that a different Anne, would have no interest in us. Poll your friends!

    One thing about your trials: Some people Nevvver learn. You did. You made use of each one of your trials, tribulations, experiences, etc. You grew from each blessing, too. Some people do not “know how to do that”. So your father’s genius DNA came through. And some of your mum’s.

    I think I have learned one thing: Nobody has a normal family. Beaver Cleaver was a TV show. Some of us just have more bearable (to us) families than others. Some have horrid families. But horrid, sadly, seems semi-normal in a lot of places. And those are the kids that need help.

    Looking fwd to part 3. At least Part Deux had a little better lighting, and a little better sound. Doing videos is an art AND a science. And the only way to get good at them is to do them. So, hang in there. Do not judge your handiwork too harshly. In the web world… you nevvver know what good it may inspire or do!

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