More memories of Putney, Vermont, featuring Tania Emma, Sarah Johnson, Joan Shore, and Kathleen Kennedy!

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Well, we’re still in Putney, Vermont folks. We will really get to how I started fending for myself at age 11 soon, I promise. But first, a few memories about mean kids, nice kids, sugar on snow, horseback riding at Debonair stables and oh yes, Playboy!

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This is the last segue before I (yes, finally!) get to the episode which explains how I started making my own life choices and decisions at the age of 11 – I promise! But first I need to tell you about the Merrifields, Marina Svetlova’s Dance Camp, and an amazing bread recipe for which I’d been searching for more than 30 years!

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So many of you have asked me about the story of how I came to decide where I was going to live at the age of 11. At last, here is that segment, with a bit of a surprise ending!

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