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We move to Putney, Vermont, and I save some kittens.

NOTE: Apologies for the sound quality (or lack thereof) on this one. Also the light issues. In fact, I would have redone it, but, well, I didn’t because that would not be true to the whole “easy and authentic” thing. But I have learned, and won’t be recording on my kitchen counter again!

One Response to “Video Series Part 5 – We Move to Putney”

  1. Pete Laberge says:

    “… I… won’t be recording on my kitchen counter again!” ROFL!
    Not only do we get some history… We get humor, too!
    Goats and Mice! And playing Gregor Mendel! (And me who is paranoid of mice! My friends and family sometimes use this to torture me. Sigh. At least they have fun. And no mice have ever been hurt. Pete did scream in an E above High C though, a couple of times!)

    Hang in there Anne, It is a fascinating story.

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